“A great movie is always based on a great well-told  story.”

  1. -John Burns

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Author John Burns has been honored with four REMI AWARDS in the 2019 Houston International Independent Film Festival. Judging is done by producers and directors active in film making but blind to the name of the writer. This is unprecedented in the 52 year history of World Fest. 

It is an accomplishment in screenwriting  joining John Burns to screenwriter/film maker icons such as

Oliver Stone • Bryan De Palma • Ang Lee • George Lucas • Spike Lee • Ridley Scott 

Steven Spielberg • The Coen Brothers• David Lynch



About the Author

John has won multiple literary awards for his first two children's novels,  The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin and The Further Adventures of Pengey Penguin.

The famed animation director, Don Bluth (Secret of NIHM) calls Pengey Penguin the only books he’s considered directing as an animated feature film in the last seventeen years.

“Pengey Penguin is a charming family story that goes straight to the heart. It will attract an enormous world wide audience.” - Don Bluth

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John was also honored with the Living Legacy Award from  Arizona Women in Film for his screenplay,

Tomorrow’s Christmas

In 1930, the Great Depression held American families in a grasp that few escaped. Still Christmas comes but one a year and no matter what comes... there is a little boy who will, against all odds see that it does.  If you stopped believing in Santa Claus, Tomorrow’s Christmas will make you a believer again.   

This is one of John’s favorite screenplays and he predicts that the time is right for this wholesome family story. 

* * * * *                                            

Richard Walters, the Screenwriting Chairman at UCLA, calls John’s script, The Curse of The Temple of Noh ... “Riveting and extraordinarily imaginative.” He calls John’s writing style, “A unique voice that needs to be heard.”

* * * * *

John was greatly influenced by directors such as Francis Ford Coppola and Akira Kurosawa.  He produced and hosted the first TV show in the USA that feature all of the best Samurai Films. As an EP at Viacom in San Francisco he worked with: TOHO Films, The Janus Library and Corinth Films to bring the cream of Japanese cinema to cable the Cable TV audiences in the Bay Area.

John produced and directed a reading of his screenplay, North Beach Private Eye.   The  Standing Room Only performances were staged at the Bannam Palace Theater in San Francisco and employed 32 actors.

John also produced and directed, North Beach Private Eye as radio theater. The 2 hour and 26 minute Audio Book is complete with the kind of music that makes the heart skip and is accompanied by sound effects that make you feel like you are actually in the show.

He directed the production and recorded it live at San Francisco’s Western Public Radio, with an ensemble cast, that included the amazingly talented Leading Lady of the EnglishViennese Theater, Janis Stevens  The production also starred Bruce Goodchild, J.S. Gilbert, Sarah Kleban, Karl Hienz Tuber, Brian Vouglas, Michele Balaz, Sam Vaughn, George Alvarez,  Robin Wiley.

*  *  *  *  *

John is an amazing film maker but at this time he’s concentrating all of his energy on building a world class movie studio that out do anything Hollywood has.

John will build his company, San Francisco Story Works, the same way Walt Disney did; using the highest possible production values in the creation of exciting, wholesome, morally correct, non preachy but inspirational animation and feature films and television for the world-wide family market. 

Walt Disney built with Mickey Mouse but he didn’t have the stories or scripts and almost failed several times.

John’s meticulously thought out plans to build San Francisco Story Works into a globally recognized motion picture studio will not suffer from lack of original screenplays and animation projects; but will be built with amazing craftsmen and artists from around the world and those investors who will reap unprecedented rewards through his collection of award winning scripts.

The bedrock of this entertainment venture lies in John’s 12 feature length/animation are screenplays based on his continuous, one million word story, The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin. This work is broken up into 12 novels and it will build a global following of families that will continue to grow and provide new audiences until the end of days.

           The Foundation is Family.



The Foundation of  the worlds most successful movie studios is Family Entertainment.

   Pengey Penguin is the foundation and hero of San Francisco Story Works.


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