About The Pengey Penguin Novels

The Adventures of Pengey Penguin are filled with charm, excitement and the fundamental values you want your children to embrace. It’s a morality tale and Pengey is the hero of the story. He’s naturally curious about those things unfamiliar to him. Still, he exercises great caution before making any decisions.

He’s incredible smart and quickly learns to talk. He can speak any language (although a bit rough) on first hearing it. He loves to read and explore.

You’re about to take a journey with one of the greatest characters in the world of children’s literature and along the way your kids will find tons life lessons, fun scientific facts, and see first hand how cool it is to be smart.

Rewards of Pengey novels and short stories.

Children 4-7 most often read with robot-like feel. They know the words and experience the pride of accomplishment but have not yet found theatrical fun in reading.


Pengey’s first novel was designed to be enjoyed by kids but written for an adult to read to them. The  spunky dialogue and adult way of reading engrosses the child no end. It makes a magical combination . . . with twists and turns and endless charms to make vivid pictures in their minds and help to turn a child into a lifelong reader.

Being held captive by Pengey Penguin, one experiences a new and fascinating world as seen through the eyes of a very young and innocent adventurer, exactly as the child who is listening.

The rewards come through a story that’s pure clean fun and with a time well spent with a cast of wonderful and comical but morally correct animal characters. Kids come away with increased vocabulary. The values of drama and the grace of a story is established for the child.

Pengey’s novels also bring an understanding of nature, life lessons to grow on, insight and an intense desire to read.

Kids (4 - 9) love spending time with Pengey and are rooting for him through all his trials, all the way to his triumphant end.

The Pengey Penguin Collection includes six novels and ten short stories   (786,000 words) that span the first few years of his life in Antarctica and New York City’s upper East Side.

This is mostly unpublished work.

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