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                        John F. Burns III

The life of Nick Sloan couldn’t have been more complicated. Work was so slow,
 his office was growing cobwebs and that ain’t so hot for a Private Eye. 
It looked like a lucky break when a bombshell named Elizabeth Bennett showed up, 
with a story of woe, misery and ample evidence to support her claims.

But Sloan figured, since the Bennett gal had allowed herself to be swindled out of so 
many millions, money was no object.  He also figured all the cards weren’t on the table. 
Her bruises were as real as her ten thousand dollar retainer, especially since five 
thousand was cash. Back in 1982 that was a lot of cabbage.

It seemed to Sloan, getting the dirt on her business partners would be easy. One 
was a hugely successful real estate tycoon. It was even easier to find the man who 
raped Elizabeth but he didn’t have much to tell because he was already dead.
There was one person of interest who was responsible for setting up the 
assault on his client, but Betty had vanished. No one including her lover 
had the slightest clue as to what happened to Betty.

Roads to evidence were followed but they all ended up on blind alleys 
and dead end streets. Sloan was as frustrated as the cops especially 
when Betty’s lover, also a cop, was found murdered.

Sloan was convinced that whoever was pulling the strings 
was hiding in plain sight but no matter where he looked 
a dead body got in the way.

In the spirit of true Noir, this mystery 
shows no aversion to love triangles and 
double crosses but adds other old favorites such 
as embezzlement, kidnapping and extortion. 

This caper demonstrates that punishment for any crime is easily avoided when you have all the money in the world and an air-tight alibi.  It’s a 
story where the horror of one murder smacks of the darkest side of  the macabre and would be better if left unsolved. It’s a case study where Sloan 
could take the rap and the bad guys could escape unless this crafty old Private Eye manages to put one and one together and save the day.

E-book availabe Winter 2020